Our Mission

Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue is committed to the rescue, rehab and retraining of Thoroughbreds no longer able to race and to provide a safe haven for those unable to go on to new careers. ATBR is also dedicated to promoting public awareness of the issue of equine slaughter.

About Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue

John Hettinger, respected businessman and philanthropist, had a vision of keeping his 1000 acres of pristine land in Pawling, NY undeveloped so as to use the space to save Thoroughbred racehorses from slaughter. With this in mind, Mr. Hettinger founded Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue (ATBR) to fulfill his dream. He has deeded this property in perpetuity, to provide for the ongoing care of these horses. Since its' inception in April 2006, ATBR has rescued hundreds of horses directly from auctions such as New Holland where they are destined for slaughter. Many other horses have been shipped to Akindale from national organizations such as TRF, New Vocations and Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue. Horses that can no longer race, are still in their prime and are ready for new careers or even just as pasture ornaments or companion animals are given safe haven at Akindale. Mr. Hettinger was an extraordinary human being, whose compassion and dedication to this cause knew no bounds. As a life-long Thoroughbred owner and breeder, he had a vision of keeping these Thoroughbreds, who have given so much to so many, from a hard and cruel fate. Mr. Hettinger had long been a leading force in the on-going battle to end horse slaughter in the United States. He fought daily to have the necessary bills passed, making the slaughter of horses as well as the inhumane transportation of horses bound for slaughter over the US borders into Canada and Mexico, illegal.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Special Events

2nd ANNUAL FALL FAMILY FUN DAY: Saturday, October 10th - Our Fall Family Fun Day was a success for the second year in a row. With over 150 adults and many more kids, fun was had by all. As always, the pony rides were a great success, thank you Cooper, Penny and Misty for a job well done. New for 2009, we implemented a foster program: for a one time fee of $25 ATBR supporters could foster a horse and were sent home with a certificate and a picture of their equine friend. The kids loved it and it was a great way to get them involved. The best news is that, thanks to all who attended, we raised close to $3000 to help maintain our ever-growing family of horses. Thank you again for coming and for supporting Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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